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Fostering cultural change.
Size: 5664sqm
Schedule: 8 months
Completion: June 2015
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A contemporary, multifunctional environment.
Size: 858sqm
Schedule: 12 weeks
Completion: September 2015
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A fun and flexible space.
Size: 2000sqm
Schedule: 10 weeks
Completion: February 2015
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A tactile space for a growing team.
Size: 1,139sqm
Schedule: 14 weeks
Completion: April 2015
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Microbrewery and bistro.
Size: 500sqm
Schedule: 6 months
Completion: March 2014
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A collaborative workspace.
Size: 800sqm
Schedule: 6 weeks
Completion: March 2014
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Creating a sense of place.
Size: 1,200sqm
Schedule: 10 weeks
Completion: November 2013
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Designing and constructing interiors across Australia, using Intelligent Consulting™ to improve productivity, increase asset value and inspire design thinking.

Working with us

Tenants, building owners, portfolio managers and property agents: whatever your requirements, our Intelligent Consulting approach will deliver a vastly better outcome. This unique and proven integration of our people, systems and processes is based on our three pillars of design excellence, cost certainty and seamless delivery to ensure total project success.

And the unique suite of benefits for you?

– the finished product impresses in form, function and efficiency

– your project is to budget, scope and without any variation

– the entire process is expertly managed with full accountability and fluid delivery

Design and Construct.

High quality interiors delivered with cost certainty through an integrated, seamless process and a specialist team.

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Fully certified built environments delivered to specification, budget and schedule with an unwavering commitment to safety.

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Minor Works.

Cost-effective, timely delivery of ongoing services and smaller projects through a streamlined and ‘smart’ workflow.

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Putting it into practice.

See how our integrated approach to Design & Construct projects has delivered successful and unique environments for clients – every one to brief, budget and schedule.

Sydney Water

8 weeks

Pitcher Partners

24 weeks


12 weeks

Crestone Sydney + Melbourne

1100sqm each site
12 weeks

Gravity Coworking Sydney

10 weeks

5 Martin Place

10 weeks