• Valmont Calibre
Size: 7500sqm
Date: February 2011
Schedule: 10 weeks
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  • 500 staff, 10 floors, 1 dynamic space.

    The numbers essentially formed the brief: designing an environment that satisfied a range of specific needs whilst maximising overall workspace, blending the communal feel of an open-plan office with areas of privacy as demanded by commercial sensitivity.

    Dynamic meeting spaces which could easily alternate between work, meeting and informal lounge were all designed to improve teamwork and increase productivity, while internal offices were surrounded by team-oriented workstations, enabling the space to be broken up into intimate groups, employing unimposing storage units and informal workstation layouts. By breaking up the space in this manner, people are provided with individual and acoustic privacy whilst also being able to collaborate with their team.

    The whole space was subtly branded through the use of Calibre’s colour palette rather than explicit signage, with different floors being shaded with burnt orange, sky blue and moss green to integrate the mining influence.

  • Calibre designs and delivers mine, rail, and port materials handling projects for the resources and infrastructure sectors, in Australia and select international markets.

    For more information visit www.calibreglobal.com.au