The brief from Calibre was to create a new workplace that was spatially efficient, promoted equality among staff and fostered company culture. The final design outcome needed to support Calibre’s transition to an open plan workplace (no offices were planned), through the provision of support spaces in the form of quiet rooms, focus rooms, informal meeting booths, layout tables and writable collaboration tables. Their new workplace was also required to meet future growth needs and support project-based working styles.  

Design intent and outcomes

Calibre engaged Valmont to run a design-led ‘D&C’ project whereby stakeholder engagement and workplace strategy was explored to inform the resulting design.

The extra-large floor plate (over 2000 sqm) leant itself to a central client lounge, kitchen and staff forum space – named ‘The Square’ and ‘The Common’ which answered to the underlying neighbourhood concept. This central ‘hub’ drew the open-plan working neighbourhoods from the light-filled perimeter to the core, ultimately enhancing company culture and fostering social interaction. The client lounge is a new addition to Calibre’s working landscape and represents the company’s shift to more informal and memorable client meetings. 

A variety of support spaces placed around the core, support the needs of workers who now operate in a workplace based on equality and openness. Indoor planting enhances the sense of well-being which is further supported by a ‘juice bar’ in the kitchen and breakout area. 

Calibre were able to negotiate partial integration of their flooring with the Landlord’s make-good which assisted with reducing waste in both material and available capital, whilst also allowing additional control over design outcomes.

About the client

Calibre is a diversified professional services, construction and maintenance specialist with offices in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. They provide the broad scope of engineering, consulting, construction, project delivery and management services and turn knowledge into value at every stage of the project lifecycle. 


Overall programme // 10½ weeks
Size // 2,138sqm

Will Hackett