CMC Markets


CMC Markets wanted a space that best reflected their leadership for innovation and technology, whilst showcasing their stability and transparency in the market place that has had them market leaders for almost 30 years. Their Sydney office in Barangaroo was to be a flagship office for the organisation that best expressed their new ways of working.

It was important for the client that the space expressed both ‘fluidity and motion’ as these qualities best reflected the energy of the organisation.  The client wanted to capture the same experience that is found in the new Wynyard Tunnel with an ‘experiential’ journey through the lobby to reception.

The client had a strong attachment to the site in Barangaroo and wanted to maximise the potential of the views. It was important to the client to provide their staff with both the benefits of a cutting edge workspace but also an environment that made them an ‘employer of choice’.

It was also important to the client to achieve ‘6 star’ green star rating as this was both an indication of the organisation concern and commitment to the environment but also their innovative approach to the workplace.

Design Intent and outcomes

The intent on exiting the lifts is to immediately identify who CMC Markets are and what they do. Creating a feeling on arrival of a technologically focused industry leader. The journey from the lift lobby has each visitor passing the ‘information’ wall which showcases CMC’s latest products and platforms, the meet and greet booths which provide clients an intimate technology based hub on arrival, and the digital honour roll which showcases the organisations abilities and awards whilst waiting at reception. 

There are two important thoroughfares through the space; one leads through reception to the different destinations on the floor that activate each zone. On reaching reception there are areas for visitors to wait, meet and be entertained. The other by-passes reception on route to the training, break-out and the  boardroom, which  are established as a more inclusive ‘business club’ area.

There are several ‘Destinations’ throughout the floor that are connected by the thoroughfares, which activate the space and allows for the organisation to achieve a sense of connectivity. By making this connection through the space a sense of transparency and collaboration is facilitated. 

These destinations include

  • ‘Grand Central’ – a breakout/ kitchen space design to provide areas for staff to relax, meet, and work as required, whilst also providing a dedicated breakout area to meet and entertain clients as required.

  • Project Hubs – areas that provide the floor with a variety of opportunities from meeting areas, informal team spaces, too utilities and storage areas. 

  • Meeting Zones – Bookable areas to have more formal meetings. These are all planned off the core to minimize the built space.

  • ‘Meet n’ Greet’ – Booths off reception that allow informal sit downs with clients and staff.

  • Training Room + Boardroom with the supporting breakout/ lounge facility – an independent zone that can facilitate and support both large meetings, training events, and functions as required.

  • Activity based working spaces like standing meeting spaces + high back booth + lounge seating, which provide the opportunities for informal meetings and take the pressure of the built spaces and the work floor.

About the client

CMC Markets specialises in online share trading having been established in London in 1989. It now has offices in every major city around the world. 

CMC’s goal is to provide their client with the ultimate trading experience. They are passionate about online trading, constantly innovating and looking to improve the way their clients invest in financial markets.

CMC’s mobile trading solutions have been designed and built individually for any device in the marketplace to give their clients the best trading experience possible and allow them complete control over their accounts and trades, wherever the location.


Overall programme // 1 ½ years
Size // 2,300sqm

Will Hackett