Iconic space reinvented.

Drawing on a set of unique assets, this approach was about creating both a fun and a functional space, that also provided a bit of drama to match the fabulous building. The concept was centered on the core business activity and being sympathetic to the core building fabric, whilst ensuring the end result was unique, impactful yet respectful of its environment and would stand firmly apart in its design.

Steel was intertwined with ply, and marble floors partnered with curved plasterboard forms while training space and breakout areas were developed around the idea of shipping containers, providing suitable sound insulation and separation. The double height space provided for a dramatic entrance with whimsical graphics, developed from the core business products, delivering a visual hint that although HOSCH are serious about being the best in their field, they don’t take themselves too seriously.


Since the foundation of the company in 1975, HOSCH has been committed to the development, production and sales of highly efficient conveyor belt cleaning systems which reduce the costs for the operator and considerably increase the efficiency of the plan. The HOSCH group has now grown to consist of 13 international companies with more than 400 employees worldwide.

Will Hackett