Kiss the Berry


Kiss the Berry is quintessentially Queensland, perfectly at home within the Southbank parklands and positioned at the gateway to one of Brisbane’s most active civic centres – nestled below the ABC centre and spilling out onto the QPAC forecourt.

With this newly-established connection to the lively Southbank precinct, Kiss the Berry wanted to connect with their customers to enhance the full sensory experience the brief demanded.

They required a space to act as a forum and educate customers on the benefits of the Acai Berry, whilst having a whole lot of fun. The critical element of the brief was to enhance the dynamic between the consumer and the place of purchase, designing and constructing an experience first and foremost, providing an opportunity for enjoyment and education, rather than just a straightforward retail space.


Balancing the site’s generous volume and height with its restricted depth became a key design driver. The store mechanics and freezer store were located to the rear of the space while the customer-facing zones were opened up to reflect Queensland’s great outdoor-living culture and take advantage of the thriving pedestrian trade.

Servery zones were planned right across the full width and designed with a mixture of humble and raw materials. Joinery and finishing design subtly break down the barriers between customers and staff.  Glass, reclaimed rebar and spotted gum and the humble subway tile were carefully integrated with panelled walls, hardwood accents and lush green foliage to accurately represent the Kiss the Berry brand as open, contemporary, considered and caring of the landscape and environment it sits within.

Advocates for a sustainable approach and clean living in all respects, Kiss the Berry promote all things green, from recycled packaging to single origin products. The design mirrors this sentiment with consideration for low VOC paints, water-based adhesives, sustainable fabrics over leather, and the implementation of a green wall to assist with overall comfort and aesthetic.  The result? A vibrant, spirited Acai berry bar where the unassuming berry is the hero.

About Kiss the Berry

Conceived as a humble market stall, in just two years Kiss the Berry has evolved into a leader at the forefront of Brisbane’s retail world.

Founders Sarah Therese Miller and Keziah Judith Ruth Bossley, both in their early 20s, are part of a new generation of young entrepreneurs in Brisbane. Challenging the norms of the retail world, Sarah and Keziah are pioneering stores that promote a holistic lifestyle rather than just sell a product.

Will Hackett