NTT Communications

Crafting a sense of place.

NTT Communications’ workplace ethos is focused on collaboration, inspiration, transparency and functionality for its staff, and this formed the essence of a brief that while simple in form, was more complex in execution.

The challenge was to create an open plan area that allowed staff to feel both comfortable and connected and provided ample opportunity for extended team interaction. The various spaces within were to provide appropriate form and function for a range of activities including ‘war rooms’, quiet areas and meeting points but could not disrupt views, transparency or line of sight between managers and teams.


So with the challenge set, the Valmont design team determined a material strategy focused on sustainable materials such as recycled timbers for flooring, and the use of tactile and warm elements in eco acoustic paneling, leather and fabrics to soften the space and dampen noise. Injection of colour in the material palette added a fresh, playful aspect to the space and this was continued subtly in custom painted furniture. Intelligent use of the budget included re-using existing furniture including workstations and task chairs: re-purposing these allowed us to focus on staff meeting and collaboration spaces.

The result is an environment that reflects the culture NTT Communications is striving to embed, coupled with an injection of a sense of place. The fresh, bright and playful interior promotes positive thinking and encourages staff collaboration.

About NTT Communications

NTT Communications Systems is now an NTT ICT business, and is a premium global IT provider that delivers solutions for enterprise and government clients who care about the quality of their services in Australia and globally. NTT ICT is a long-term thinker, a strategic advisor and, for many companies, a gateway to Asia and the rest of the world.


Will Hackett