Wanting to consolidate multiple offices located across greater Sydney within one singular workspace Water NSW saw this as an opportunity to bring their brand values to life and create a space that reflects the work they do and connection to the NSW landscape, rivers, reservoirs and dams. Working with our client, guiding principles were established including fostering collaboration, flattening hierarchy and creating a flexible and dynamic environment.

To achieve the above over several months Valmont established workshops and staff surveys to ensure staff engagement and develop a thoughtful, solution based design.

Based on the NSW landscape the interiors palette is neutral featuring earthy tones with the a focus on textures and curved organic forms within the space. The welcome space features a rammed earth reception desk handmade from stacked clay and earth, sourced from the NSW landscape. 

The adjacent meeting rooms are both flexible and functional with a smart use of technology. Technology was widely utilised to connect daily office life to the work Water NSW does within regional NSW with digital displays positioned throughout the space with live and regular information on dam and river levels and facts about the work undertaken.


A key feature and hub of all activity within the space is a 3 level stair with an integrated auditorium, the inclusion of a stair within the design was pivotal in fostering collaboration and encouraging accidental  interactions between staff and departments. Each stair is anchored by a kitchen breakout space that is highly utilised as an informal meeting zone.


A flexible working environment was achieved by providing staff with a variety of spaces to complete focused independent work, private meetings or more informal collaboration. All workstations are height adjustable and separated by greenery and hanging planters.

Will Hackett